Commonly referred to as “bonding,” a dental veneer is a wafer-thin shell of tooth-colored porcelain that is placed on the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. Although highly cosmetic, dental veneers also increase the strength and resilience of your teeth compared to natural tooth enamel. They are custom-made to the shape of your teeth and are bonded to the tooth’s original enamel during an in-office procedure.

Patients often select porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of their teeth because they are not confident in their smile. They see their teeth as being the wrong color, the wrong shape, or in the wrong position. Dr. Lovda recommends dental veneers for patients looking for minimally invasive dentistry to correct their problems at a reasonable cost and in a reasonably short time. Dental veneers are not indicated for patients who do not demonstrate good oral hygiene.

Veneers at Lovda Family Dental

Made in-house at Lovda Family Dental, veneers are fabricated from porcelain or resin composite materials. Dr. Lovda uses lithium disilicate and hybrid-ceramic porcelains reinforced silicate polymer technology. When used in combination with strong dental bonding agents, the dental veneers placed by Dr. Lovda are expected to last many years when excellent oral hygiene is maintained.

During your appointment at our Hoffman Estates dental practice, Dr. Lovda trims a tiny amount of enamel off the teeth, creating space for the veneer placement.

Next, Dr. Lovda will take a digital impression of your teeth and together with you, pick a color that enhances your smile to your satisfaction. Our lab uses this impression and shade to create your veneers. Some people have temporary veneers placed while they wait for the permanent set.

After the veneers are fabricated using CEREC® Primescan 3D scanning technology, Dr. Lovda will test the veneers on your teeth to verify a proper fit for maximum aesthetics. Using dental cement, Dr. Lovda will then “cure” the dental veneers to ensure a strong bond to the tooth surface. 

Maintaining Your New Smile

Dental veneers are long lasting and can last years before damage may occur. As with any dental restoration, the lifespan of dental veneers can vary per patient habits, such as nail biting or using your teeth to open various containers. However, the average lifespan of porcelain veneers is ten years, but can last up to 20 years with good care and maintenance. Composite veneers last an average of three years. Their lifespan is shorter because, unlike porcelain veneers, they can stain over time, and the material they’re made from isn’t as durable and therefore, requires higher maintenance.

Maintaining healthy teeth is the most important way to take care of veneers, and it starts with visiting Lovda Family Dental for your six-month checkups. You’ll also need to:

  • Brush for two minutes twice a day and floss well at least once a day.
  • Wear a mouthguard to protect your veneers if you’re active in sports.
  • Wear a night guard to protect your veneers from becoming damaged if you clench your jaw or grind your teeth at night.
  • Avoid biting down on hard foods like ice or nuts and don’t use your teeth to open packages or bite your nails.

Lovda Family Dental provides top-quality cosmetic dentistry using the very latest in 3D CAD-CAM dental technology. When patients visit Dr Lovda’s dentist office in 60192, you can expect same-day results to give your smile an added boost in confidence.