Lodva Family Dental is your Hoffman Estates CEREC dentist for single-visit tooth restorations.

CEREC restorations are all-ceramic crowns that Dr. Lovda Jr. uses to repair broken, fractured, or decayed teeth. CEREC technology allows Dr. Lovda Jr. to offer highly personalized, custom-made restorations for each individual patient. Using highly aesthetic ceramics without the use of temporary crowns, patients leave our office smiling with renewed self-confidence.

CEREC enables Dr. Lovda Jr. to deliver aesthetic, all-ceramic crowns with laser-guided computer technology. With CEREC, you no longer have to endure bothersome impressions and temporary crowns for weeks since each CEREC crown is made while you remain in the chair.

The CEREC Process

After cleaning out any tooth decay, Dr. Lovda Jr. uses a specialized camera to scan your tooth in seconds. Using a computer, Dr. Lovda Jr. then designs your CEREC crown using 3D software while you relax in our office.

Then, our CEREC milling machine will use diamond burs to create your restoration out of a solid piece of ceramic. Finally, Dr. Lovda Jr. will bond your ceramic restoration to your tooth using state-of-the-art adhesive dentistry.

CEREC restorations are cared for like any other dental crown. Brushing and floss are important, but maintaining regular checkups with Dr. Lovda Jr. at our Hoffman Estates dental office is key to prolonging the life of your CEREC crown.