A dental bridge is a cemented restoration that functions to replace missing teeth. The teeth adjacent to the missing teeth, called abutments, are prepared for crowns, which are permanently connected to a false tooth.

Patients may be a good candidate for a fixed dental bridge if one or more teeth in a row are missing. The abutment teeth need to be healthy enough to support the bridge, free of serious decay, and have strong roots. An exam by Dr. Lovda to evaluate your smile is very important since every patient’s dental needs are unique. No two patients are alike—and no two smiles—are alike.

Bridges at Lovda Family Dental

At Lovda Family Dental, the process of fabricating a dental bridge is very simple. Consisting of two appointments at our Hoffman Estates dental office, the first is preparing the abutment teeth to accommodate the future bridge. Dr. Lovda then designs the bridge to fit your missing tooth area. At the second appointment, Dr. Lovda will cement the bridge in place. That’s it!

Bridge Home Care

Caring for a fixed bridge is fairly simple. Be diligent about brushing your teeth, especially along the gum line near the bridge. Flossing is also important; include a floss threader into your hygiene routine to clean the area beneath the false tooth to keep the gums free of harmful bacteria. Refraining from eating small hard foods such as nuts, wearing a mouthguard during sports, and not using your teeth as a tool to open packaging can all help to reduce the chances that your bridge will break.

Most importantly, regular checkups are another key to maintaining your bridge. During routine exams, Dr. Lovda will check to make sure the bridge is still in good shape. He’ll recommend repair or replacement when necessary.

Dental bridges are an excellent means to replace missing teeth. At Lovda Family Dental, your bridge will be measured and fabricated using the very latest in dental technology. With CEREC® technology and the latest dental ceramics, you can be are confident you are getting the highest quality care at Lovda Family Dental.