Dental emergencies vary widely, from toothaches and dental infections to sports injuries and broken jaws. The oral cavity is a very busy part of the human body! In general, if anything is broken, missing, bleeding, or otherwise doesn’t “feel” right, then it is best to make an appointment at Lovda Family Dental to take a closer look.

The most common issues include we see are toothaches, chipped or broken teeth, loose permanent tooth,  knocked-out teeth, lost dental fillings, lost or broken dental crown, broken dentures, inflammation, and abscesses.

Dental emergencies are treated as soon as possible. When calling our office, it is a good idea to inform the staff the following information: where the emergency is located, when the emergency started, if you are feeling pain, or if any bleeding or inflammation is present.

Each dental emergency is unique and needs immediate evaluation by Dr. Lovda and his team.

Dr. Lovda and his team are equipped with the latest 3D scanning technology to properly assess each dental emergency with the highest level of precision and accuracy. With a new state-of-the-art practice built in 2021, Lovda Family Dental offers same-day emergency care so patients can be seen quickly and presented with customized treatment plans faster than any other practice in Hoffman Estates, IL and the Chicago area.