Happy National Dog Day!

August 26th, 2020

Open For Emergency Treatment During COVID-19 Outbreak

April 24th, 2020

Toothache?  Bleeding gums?  Broken tooth?  Dental emergencies are a serious concern during the COVID-19 outbreak, and may develop into more serious issues if emergency care is delayed or postponed.  If you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is highly recommended you contact Lovda Family Dental for an emergency consult and assessment immediately.

(847) 991-0790

COVID-19 And Your Dental Health

March 25th, 2020

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone is staying healthy during these crazy times we live in.  The COVID-19 virus has definitely affected everyone around the country, so there is some solace that we are ALL in this together!

According to the Illinois State Dental Society (ISDS), the American Dental Association (ADA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and many other national health-related organizations, Lovda Family Dental has decided to close for non-emergency treatment, and scheduled to re-open by April 13th.  However, our office will be open for EMERGENCY TREATMENT ONLY.

Rest assured, the team at Lovda Family Dental is committed to your oral health despite the ongoing public health concerns.  Your oral health has a direct impact on your overall health, so if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please do not hesitate to call our office and request emergency care.

And lastly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE follow CDC COVID-19 guidelines for hygiene and "social distancing".  Only together, as a community, are we able to fight this pandemic from spreading.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to call our Hoffman Estates, IL office at (847) 991-0790.

-Dr Lovda

ADA Seal of Acceptance - Your Key to Effective Dental Products

February 26th, 2020

Hello everyone!

After enjoying a wonderful weekend of mild temperatures, Mother Nature gifts us with another week of snowy, blustery weather and reminds us to remain vigilant during cold and flu season.  Similar to wearing winter hats and gloves to avoid getting sick, a good quality toothbrush (and floss!) is essential to maintain excellent oral health.  But with so many products available in the dental aisle... how do I know what to buy?

Easy!  Look for the ADA-Seal of Acceptance!

Toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthrinses, toothache medicine... you name it, and it has been tested and verified by the ADA to see if it works or not.  Look for products that display the seal of acceptance, as well as benefits that are supported by science.  More than 200 oral health products have earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance, including water filters, sports mouthguards, and even sugar-free chewing gum!

So how does a toothbrush or mouthrinse earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance?  Great question... with scientific evidence.  In addition to research by the manufacturing company, rigorous independent testing by the ADA Council of Scientific Affairs ensures the American public receives the very best in oral health products.  So next time you are walking down the dental aisle at WalMart or Target, make sure to look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance when deciding which toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthrinse, etc... is best for you and your family.

At Lovda Family Dental, we understand that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of gold.  Contact our Hoffman Estates, IL office today and my team will be happy to go over excellent oral hygiene habits to ensure your smile lasts a lifetime!

'Till next time... keep brushing and smile on!

-Dr Lovda