Obstructive Sleep Appliances - Vivos mRNA appliance and sleep apnea

What are Obstructive Sleep Appliances and Vivos mRNA Sleep Appliance

Obstructive sleep disorder is a very common disorder affecting as many as one in 14 American adults today.  Commonly referred as snoring during nighttime sleep, obstructive sleep disorder can be a serious condition where an adult does not get enough oxygen during what should be restful sleep.  If enough oxygen does not reach the brain, the body enters a "fight or flight" sympathetic nervous system response that elevates blood pressure, dilates the pupils, and if need be, awakens the adult from night time sleep.  If considered serious, death may occur as the brain becomes starved of oxygen.

The Vivos mRNA OSA sleep appliance is a revolutionary oral sleep appliance developed over years by Vivos Therapeutics Inc.  Recently approved by the FDA as a obstructive sleep appliance (OSA) for obstructive sleep disorder, the DNA & mRNA sleep appliance can drastically reduce awakening spells in the middle of the night, leading to more restful sleep and a generally more rewarding daytime energy levels.  Unfortunately, 85% of Americans who have OSA go undiagnosed, leading to a crisis in America today regarding sleep quality.

Dr Lovda and his dentist in 60192 are committed to improving the lives of his patients who ask "do I have OSA?".  Starting with a consult at his hoffman estates dentist office, Dr Lovda will take careful measurements to determine if obstructive sleep disorder may affect you or a loved one.  By evaluating a patient's morning headaches, generalized anxiety, chronic depression, and mouth breathing, Dr Lovda can determine if the Vivos mRNA OSA sleep appliance is right for you.  The Vivos Therapeutics mRNA OSA appliance works by treating mile-to-moderate sleep apnea in those who may have crooked teeth or a under developed airway.

Call and schedule your consult for the Vivos Therapeutics Inc mRNA OSA appliance today in Hoffman Estates dentist office today!